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You Matter to God!

God loves people, all people. He does not choose to love one person and hold back His love from another. If we love Him, every soul should matter to us too. We strive to make loving people our highest priority. From our community events like Freedom Fest and our Community Easter Egg Hunt, to our Missions efforts around the world, we desire to love people the way God does. Every soul matters to God! You Matter to God!

Connect With God Thru Worship and Prayer

We were created for relationship with God. It’s who we are. It’s who you are. We have discovered that one of the greatest ways to experience that connection with Him is through worship and prayer. Because we value these things we make them a priority in our church services and in our everyday lives.

The Bible Is Our Guidebook for Living

The Bible is a road map; it’s an instruction manual. It’s more than just an inspiring book. It’s more than a historical document. We value the Bible because it is the Word of God given to us. Because we value the Bible we work to make sure that we follow its instruction in the way we live our lives, and we make it the central focus of our teaching and ministry at Centerville Assembly of God.

The Holy Spirit is Essential in Our Everyday Living

The Holy Spirit is able to work in and thru our lives. The Holy Spirit shouldn’t just be mentioned in conversation in regards to revivals of times past, but rather should be evident in our lives and our lifestyles. The Holy Spirit is alive and working in and thru lives today, helping us as our peace, our comfort, our strength, our inspiration, and our conscience and guide.

We Must Build Healthy Families

We must build strong, healthy families! We need strong marriages that stand the test of time. We need to raise children who love their parents and are life-long followers of Jesus Christ. Growth must be a priority for our families.

Elevate Ministries
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X’Celerated Student Ministries
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Fusion Ministries
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Sunday School / Education        10:00 am
• Primary Class (Pre-K – Kindergarten)        Room 104
• Junior Class (1st Grade – 5th Grade)         Room 106
• Teen Class (6th Grade – 12th Grade)         Room 103
• College & Career Class (Age 19-25)           Room 102
• Adult Class (Age 25-55)                                Fellowship Hall
• Senior Adults Class (Age 55+)                      Sanctuary


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